What is Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a personal empowerment service, a results-oriented approach to put your life “in order,” to realize what you do and don’t want so as to bring real changes according to your own needs.

Based on Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Neurolinguistic Programming, Sociology, Human Needs theory, Neuroscience, Education, Life Coaching is an ongoing development process aimed at permanent and measurable results. It is a dynamic support system that improves your life and makes your dreams come true.

Each person comes to life with unlimited potential. As he/she grows old, these possibilities seemingly diminish. How many times have you wondered: “Is this the right decision for me?” “When will I gain recognition from my partner?” “How much longer should I stay in this job?” “How would my life be had I made different choices?” because… its my life.

Through easy-to-use and logical tools, Life Coaching starts with the understanding of where you are now and focuses on where you want to go. In this way it gives you the opportunity to gain more self-awareness and take on the responsibility of making the changes you want in your life.

With Life Coaching you will reconnect with your destination, which is no other than a life of fulfillment, gratitude and abundance. You will discover what it is you really want and you will make the necessary steps to achieve your goals (personal or professional) quickly and efficiently and to live a happy and complete life.