What is Strategic Intervention

Strategic Intervention, also known as SI, is a scientific approach that employs the most practical and effective communication strategies and tactics from scientific disciplines such as Erickson’s Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Organizational Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Human Needs Psychology, Psychology of Influence, Strategic Principles, Diplomacy and Negotiation Principles etc.

Strategic Intervention Coaching (SI Coaching) is the method that helps people use exceptional skills to achieve not only positive personal changes but also changes in a wider social and cultural level. It starts with the understanding of the emotional patterns and dynamics in relationships that cause stress, insecurity, conflict and lack of purpose so as to replace old behavior patterns with new ones for a better quality of life.

What differentiates SI Coaching from other methods is the belief that solutions are found, challenges are addressed successfully when human needs are expressed, satisfied and uplifted. This is the way to achieve the greatest result with the minimum amount of effort.

Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi are excellent examples of people that have used the method of Strategic Intervention with great skill, independent of religion, culture, political positioning, beliefs and institutions.